Stairs, Walkways & Paths

Most residential homes have stairs, walkways and paths to the backyard which are not used during the winter because of the snow. Typically customers have difficulty with these areas because it is difficult to maneuver around obstructions. When you sign up for a seasonal agreement our management team can include your stairs, walkways and paths. Our prices are by the square foot so depending on your needs we can accommodate accordingly.

        18″ minimum (1.5 feet wide)
        24″ functional (2.0 feet wide)
        30″ one person (2.5 feet wide)
        36″ standard (3.0 feet wide)
        48″ 2 people (4.0 feet wide)

A good rule of thumb is to make walkways at least four feet wide. This minimum will allow two people to walk comfortably side-by-side. This is especially important for paths that will get frequent use, such as the one leading to your front door. The more a path is used, the wider it should be. Where the path originates from and where it ends will impact how frequently it is used. Conversely, a path that gets infrequent use can be narrower. Examples of this type of path are side-yard entrances and backyard trails.

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