Reflective Markers & Salt

Reflective markers are a excellent way of setting the boundaries for your driveway, walkways and paths. Markers are used to protect your property and set a safe path for guests who are not familiar with the property. All snow removal boundaries include installation and delivery, prices vary depending on the model chosen.

During winter weather, salt provides safer surfaces for pedestrians and vehicles. From cleaning off sidewalks to clearing highways, salt makes it possible for people and traffic to move safely. Before salt was used to clear roads, snow and ice on the highways endangered lives and slowed or stopped traffic. Now, salt is used to not only remove snow and ice, but it is also applied in advance of a storm to help prevent ice from developing on surfaces.

Salt distribution is priced by the Square foot, by season or $10.00 per application. Seasonal customers will receive the benefits of per-ordered inventory from our distributors to avoid potential shortages and constraints. To receive a free estimate simply fill in the contact on the right including your Name, Phone Number and full Address. Once onsite our staff will provide a detailed agreement form including a sitemap of the areas to be salted.

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