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Greater Toronto Region (GTA) is under a Storm Watch ahead of 10-15 cm during Thursday morning's rush hour commute. Light snowfall is expected to begin Wednesday evening, continuing until Thursday morning, where it will be its heaviest and densest. It will ease by late Thursday morning. The GTA is expecting to hit the 10 cm mark, reaching a maximum of 15 cm

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Estimated 5 -10cm of Snow within 24 hours (2 Visits)

Attention Seasonal Agreement Holders: Waves of snow will be moving into the GTA this weekend continuing until Monday. There will be breaks in between heavy bouts of snow, which will not be heavy, but continuous. "During these lighter periods or breaks, there is a risk for freezing drizzle. The North York Area is expected to receive 5-10cm of by Monday Morning, since there are pauses in the snowfall we will make two passes; Saturday Evening 4pm - 11pm followed by another Sunday 9pm-6am. Please Remove...
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